What Is EBTKS?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everything But The Kitchen Sink is a phrase which stuck with me from reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy; it was there a phrase associated with a desire to throw it all together.

Cymbal is so inspired; EBTKS is too.

It is a sad fact of our society that many people are voiceless or unheard. When those among us are silenced it is a tragedy not just for those who do not get to speak up, or at least do not get to be heard.

It is also a tragedy for the rest of us.

I believe that the places where voices intersect – where stories meet, merge, mingle – is where most invention and emergence appears. Thus it is that diversity, plurality, and democracy are kin.

Cymbal, then, is a hope for cacophony of one kind. EBTKS is that too, but perhaps something a little more focused on the beauty. A mingling of different voices, of harmonies, yet with moments of dissonance and assonance alike.

We are open to submissions. We are working on our submission process, but there are multiple ways to reach out to us on the Cymbal website. We’ll get back to you with more information. 

The question of what we want is of course important.

We want:

  • stories that range from the casual, to the in-depth
  • stories for all reading ages
  • stories about disability, especially in relation to Universal Credit
  • stories in experimental presentation styles; poetic articles for example, or ballads, or spoken word with interpretive dance … surprise us!
  • well-researched, factual, investigative articles about community issues
  • budget recipes for use with slow cookers
  • budget recipes for microwave cooking
  • budget recipes for stove-only cooking
  • budget recipes for the allergic

We do require that any articles in our publication are strictly non-partisan. That is, one might criticise any given political party, but one must stick to the correct name for that party – not a derogatory nickname. One must stick to the facts. No ad hominem attacks; the idea must be deconstructed, and the human only ever boosted and supported.

That said, we will accept political submissions – but our standards for said (and for the aforementioned investigative journalism) will be very high.

Ideally, everything we publish will be published through Medium. That means if necessary we will walk you through the creation of an account. Joining the Partner Program with Medium is optional but recommended for anyone seeking to submit articles for our interest. Part of the idea of EBTKS is, in fact, to aid the incomes of struggling writers. Collective exposure is an eyeball boost.

For communal good, which is the overall purpose of the entire publication (and of Cymbal), recipes and other helpful articles will be mirrored immediately on this site as a condition of publication with us on Medium. All other content will have an authorial-negotiated delay (we recommend 7 days).

Because we want the best for everyone who submits content to us, we do ask that anyone doing so is open to constructive, friendly criticism and requests for specific readability targets for articles. We’re not interested in belittling you, but we are interested in enlarging your audience, and wowing them wherever you can.

Remember: we love and support you.

~ John Urquhart, Chief Curator of Everything But The Kitchen Sink

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